simpldismissal was built to make student dismissal easier. Typical student dismissal is a confusing process often with students crowding in one place listening for their name.
With simpldismissal students are assigned within a numbered hangtag system. When parents arrive in the car line students are displayed on a interactive dismissal board that is shown in the classroom, filtered by class rosters so only the students in the teacher's class are shown. Students are notified, along with a sound, when their parents arrive, and are dismissed in an efficient and easy way.
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Real-time dismissal board
Teachers can view students being dismissed in real-time with customizable sounds and filter options by class rosters (only showing the current class students) and/or grade.
All day dismissal
simpldismissal is not only an afternoon dismissal solution, but all day. Easily keep track of early dismissals like medical visits and parent notes from one pane of glass, and get access to reports showing when students are dismissed immediately.
Reports and auditing
Student dismissal (car and bus dismissal, as well as early dismissal) history is recorded and available for analytics, auditing, and reporting.
Automated rostering and single sign-on
Manual uploads and account creation are a waste of resources and your time. simpldismissal supports automated rostering of students and staff accounts and various single sign-on providers to ensure teachers can quickly view students who are ready to be dismissed.
Built for everything
Access simpldismissal easily from any modern device that supports a web browser, built to be responsive and supported on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. (including iPad, iPhone, and Android) No app or software required, ever.
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